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Keylife dryer fabric DRY CD is designed for positions where surface abrasion and drying performances are critical; dedicated to any paper machine producing brown grades paper (liner, flutting), and offers an easy installation on paper machine:
• Proper packaging;
• Easy introduction on the position/machine due to an excellent dimensional stability;
• Easy seaming due to stable, regular and large loops.

Technical superiority:

  • Very robust flat MD yarns in DRY CD guarantees excellent abrasion resistance and superior mechanical stability;
  • Excellent dimensional stability avoids any wrinkles or movements out of the circuit on paper machine;
  • The special embedded low profile seam shows 3 times seam resistance to wear compared to standard flat warp;
  • The good number of contacting points/cm2 increases heat transfer to paper sheet;
  • Extremely flat yarns create a super flat surface for excellent contact fabric/paper/cylinder;
  • All monofilament design reduces contamination build up and allows easy on machine cleaning;
  • Edges treatment for reinforced resistance to mechanical constraints in paper machine.