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KEYLIFE dryer screen DRY FL is dedicated to machines producing fine paper grades, graphical and printing/writing. It is designed for single tier positions where abrasion is critical and positions where zero marking of dryer fabric is required.

Technical superiority:

  • Symmetrical design and low thickness for a correct neutral line positioning to avoid any turning rolls bubbles at high speed;
  • Extremely flat yarns, creating a super flat surface for low air drag, thus no paper sheet fluttering;
  • Excellent dimensional stability to avoid any wrinkles or movements out of the circuit;
  • A contact surface two times higher than classical designs for better heat transfer, lower steam consumption and reduced dragged airs(no sheet fluttering & no blowing);
  • The same thickness and CFM between seam and fabric, no specific local wear and marking
  • Edges treatment for reinforced resistance to mechanical constraints.