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Dryer fabric DRY FR is designed for positions of paper machines where turbulences, sheet fluttering and marking are critical; dedicated to paper machines producing fine paper grades, graphical and printing/writing.

DRY FR, as all KEYLIFE dryer fabrics, benefits of all protection and supports for a fast, safe and efficient on paper machine installation.

Technical superiority:

  • High contact area and smooth surface guarantee the successful application of DRY FR on marking sensitive grade paper;
  • The aerodynamic surface guarantees low air drag, while the high surface contacting points reduces the sheet shrinkage on sensitive positions;
  • The smooth surface, thinner caliper and long cross-over weave design of DRY FR reduce air turbulence and sheet fluttering at high speed paper machines;
  • An all monofilament design reduces contamination and allows easy cleaning;
  • Edges treatment for reinforced resistance to mechanical constraints.