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FROM TF is designed for fine grades (xerox, printing & writing, coating base…) whatever the speed of the paper machine. It provides a high level of fiber support, better formation and high fabric stability for good CD profiles, by the combination of  two technologies – high-shaft weaving and a 3:2 warp ratio.

Due to the unique warp concept of style FORM TF, an even finer paper side can be combined with an extremely stable machine side. This way, a much higher fiber support is achieved, leading to better mechanical retention and more uniform sheet formation.

Technical superiority:

  • High sheet support – Improved retention, smoothness and low marking
  • Dewatering capacity – Lower HB consistencies and improved formation
  • Fine fabric surface – Easy sheet release and low fiber carry back
  • Enhanced stability – Reduced CD profile variation
  • Robust wear side – High abrasion resistance and longer life potential