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Fruit Juice Extraction Belt

Industry: Fruit Juice

Application: Dewatering, Pressing

The juice is extracted from berries, fruit, and vegetables quickly and efficiently in belt presses equipped with KEYLIFE filter press belts. KEYLIFE supplies robust polyester woven press belts and spiral belts for both single-belt and double-belt presses.

The filter belts are always matched to the respective fruit or vegetable. This guarantees an optimum juice yield or dewatering result.

The unique hook seam connection in the press belt can ensure long service lives and smooth running properties.

Technical superiority:

  • FDA-certified
  • Robust belt with high elasticity
  • Wear resistant
  • Easy cleaning
  • Good pomace release
  • High lateral stability of the filter belt
  • Mesh opening of 300 μm to 500 μm