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Mesh Belt For FoodStuffs

Industry : FoodStuffs

Application: Baking, Dewatering, Freezing, Cooling, Drying, Washing

Polyester mesh belts are used in many processes in the foodstuffs industry, for example, shock freezing, coffee roasting, soup drying, steaming noodles or washing salad. These processes need versatile meshes that are precisely aligned with the respective process both thermally and mechanically.

To fulfill this goal, KEYLIFE engineers always individually combine the mesh type with the appropriate material. This results in a broad product portfolio as synthetic Linear Screen Meshes or Polyester Mesh Belt.

Technical superiority:

  • FDA-certified
  • Process-optimized belt solutions
  • Belts with high heat resistance
  • Durable conveyor belts
  • Material selection conforming to food processing standards