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Pulp Washer Belt

Industry: Pulp and Paper

Application: Pulp Washing

KEYLIFE pulp washer belts are specially woven for de-ashing with high efficiency in pulp washing. They have been successfully supplied to world wide customers because their excellent quality.

Current recycled fiber processing asks for a high ash removal while fibers need to retain excellently. KEYLIFE pulp washer belts are idea for this application. The belt have an excellent dewatering capacity and fiber retention, and a long running life.

The seam for these belts can be spiral seam, pin-seam, endless seam or clipper seam.

Technical superiority:

  • High fiber support index(FSI) for retention of fibers
  • High air permeability (CFM) for good dewatering
  • High stability and excellent wear resistance
  • High durability because of excellent raw material from Perlon Nextrusion Germany