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Sludge Treatment Belt

Industry: Sludge Treatment

Application: Dewatering, Pressing, Drying

KEYLIFE filter belts dewater, press, and dry sludge safely and reliably in filter press. The combination of the right plastic monofilament, weave type and aperture size makes the belt particularly effective, robust and resistance to abrasion and chemical.

Made by heavy-duty looms and reinforced through a thermal fixing process, KEYLIFE filter press belts also have a high mechanical stability.

The seam developed by KEYLIFE ensures a long life and improved belt running properties. KEYLIFE woven and spiral belt types support good dewatering in sludge treatment operations.

Technical superiority:

  • High dimensional and form stability but also offering the necessary belt flexibility
  • Wear resistant
  • No fraying of the synthetic belt
  • Additional protection of the seam against mechanical influences
  • pH values 1–14, temperatures up to 180°C
  • Available in woven design and in spiral design