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Spiral Filter Fabric

Spiral fabrics are especially suitable for dewatering of fibrous material (paper sludge, pulp) and sludges with a high content of inorganic particles (e.g. mining sludges), but they can also be used for dewatering of treated municipal sludge.

Technical superiority:

  • Long service life
  • Suitable especially for machines where belt deformation often occurs
  • Abrasion resistant design
  • No problems with the seam
  • Smooth adhesive treated belt edges
  • Suitable for fibrous sludges


Examples of Application:

  • Dewatering of pulp and paper sludge
  • Dewatering of industrial and municipal sludge in belt filter presses
  • Dewatering of mining and abrasive sludge
  • Thickening of sludge in gravity thickeners
  • Forming belt for production of MDF boards
  • Conveyor belts