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Vacuum Filter Fabric For Fertilizer

Industry : Fertilizers

Application : Dewatering, Filtering+ Separating

KEYLIFE Vacuum filter belts are used in vacuum belt filters to dewater the gypsum that accumulates during fertilizer production. The belts manufactured from monofilament polyester are highly robust and ensure fast and efficient dewatering of the phosphogypsum.

In additional to this application, these filter belts can be used for the phosphoric acid process, for example, to dewatering the slurry of wet-process phosphoric acid produced from sulfuric decomposition of apatite concentrate in semihydrate regime.

These belts come with a flat hook seam and can be supplied as stock goods or custom-manufactured products.

Technical superiority:

  • Fabric with monofilament yarns
  • Easy cleaning
  • Good filter cake release
  • High lateral stability
  • Mesh opening of 150 μm to 220 μm